Nele Stuke


“Thoughts are the beginning of actions.”



Change and progress emerge when new connections are forged in our minds – external triggers pave the way for new thoughts that were previously locked away. You can literally feel the difference.
These are the moments that fascinate me in my work. Situations in which people genuinely connect with themselves and those around them for new experiences that may be uncomfortable at first, but end up serving as catalysts for something new.
But how can we foster such intense interactions? It happens when people really open up to the unknown, and leave behind the protective walls we are used to have around us. Within a framework of trust, deliberate and responsible disruptions trigger new impulses.
Soulful organisations cultivate this trusting, collaborative environment. Team members find meaning in their work, share responsibility using modern structures, and focus on people at the onset of each new promising project. Collaboration in this culture is honest, unbiased, challenging and demanding, as people strive for solutions. Working like this provokes triggers that can serve as a rich source of change and progress. It’s a form of interaction that generates innovation, speed, quality and resilience – sustainable success.
I look forward to accompanying you on projects large and small in the pursuit of change and progress.

Since 2012 organisational consultant, facilitator and coach in small, medium, and large enterprises; in startup companies, and in public management.
Project Management, personal and organisational development in positions at McKinsey & Company and Axel Springer from 2006 to 2012.

Graduated Psychologist, University of Trier
Systemic consultant, Institute for Systemic Counseling, Wiesloch
KANBAN Management Professional – apply KANBAN , it-agile
KODE licensed consultant
In training for graduation to Sociocratic Moderator, Soziokratie Zentrum Österreich