anne siemen


I have dedicated myself to building and developing internal processes and work to ensure that our network is stable in every respect. Always with curiosity, the desire to learn, the necessary portion of pragmatism and above all fun!




Every day I feel satisfaction again when my way leads to our Kreuzberg headquarter. The meeting at eye level in our cooperation and the direction of our consulting service spur me on, to shape our network, so that everyone contributes what he can and wants and everyone takes the place in which he feels comfortable with. Authenticity, quality and values ensure that you are passionate about thinking, experimenting, discussing and developing things with conviction. Our work enables me, as a personality with character and emotions, strengths and weaknesses and a personal life, to be part of a common purpose. If we can transmit something in our consulting services, that is the added value that I would like to achieve with subject:RESOUL.

The topics development and further education as driver: training in the HR department in public service. 15 years experience as an assistant in a management consultancy incl. study of economics at Freie Universität Berlin. Since 2015 with heart and soul to support Förster und Netzwerk in its growth and change process and now accompany subject:RESOUL on the way.

Education in the public service.
Studies in HR Management at AFW Wirtschaftsakademie Bad Harzburg.