And its significance rises


We believe that in the business context we need new terms to describe observations that otherwise fall through the cracks. We even integrated one of these terms into our name: Soul.
You won’t read about it in management literature. And yet we think that soul is a key dimension for company success. And its significance rises with the accelerated changes of our working context.


Soul is how you do it, not what you do.

In our experience, soul is a helpful distinction to understand why some organisations are more successful than others, although they are structurally the same.

In a soulful organisation, people share a belief in the meaning and goal of their company – their purpose. They work in an environment that fosters mutual trust - in the colleagues and first and foremost in the company and its management. They contribute with all their ability and personality and are at the same time open to input from others; they challenge each other and they vouch for one another. They can collaborate because they have a certain degree of freedom of action and transparent information – and the necessary competency to use both.

Leadership stays essential.

In ensouled organisations leadership is not left only to managers. Everybody steps up, whenever deemed necessary.

In our practice we also observe organisations, where it still is unusual, undesirable or even dangerous to show soul. Organisations that are only designed for efficiency are simply not made for it. Have you ever heard something like “If I would show myself for what I am, I would break in here. I have to protect myself.” or “Haha, what do you think? Of course we don't say openly in a meeting what we think. Pre-alignment is everything!” Innovative ideas die in efficient process chains or through power play. Self-doubt or a changed opinion are viewed as unprofessional.
And at the same time we experience in the very same organisations that things can be different: When provided with safe and clear boundaries, the same people get right to the bottom of things in a very adequate way.

And that's when something meaningful starts to happen in their organisation, overcoming the inertia that is immanent in traditional organisational structures.

The potential is everywhere. There is just too little room for it.

Company cultures where an open way of collaboration is the norm – and we know those too! – seem to be vibrant, driven by a special kind of energy that helps them push the essential issues with great clarity into the right direction. People interact in a healthy, open way, which means that people also struggle and argue with each other. But the cards are on the table, the shared goal is in view and the relationships are well defined. People want to work there, because everyone can exert influence, they make things happen together and they do not put up an act.
That way self-efficacy is created. That way organisations improve their innovative capacity, their speed, quality and their resilience. They can adapt more quickly to changing environments. This gives them a competitive advantage. And at the end of the day, that's what it’s all about: Having long-term success in the marketplace.

Our passion is to accompany you and your organisation on the way to soulful work. Everything you need is already there. It just needs room to develop. Creating that room is our purpose.


Where we start

Soul cannot be forced. But it can develop. Read how to create favourable conditions in your organisation.