take collaboration to the next level

To tackle tomorrow’s challenges


The increased dynamic and complexity poses enormous challenges to organisations and traditional ways of management do not have sufficient answers. Promising new organisational principles make new demands on all members of an organisation. To actually make them work it will need more than technical excellence. 
It will need soul.


What we observe

In our projects we observe the current challenges of organisations. New ways of collaboration - buzzword "New Work" - look promising. But they are no one-size-fits-all remedy. And they need more than just technical implementation.

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where we start 

Soul sounds intangible? We agree. Soul cannot be forced. Soul occurs. But there are three starting points to create favourable conditions in your organisation for soul to develop: Purpose. Leadership. Structure and processes. 

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how we work

We believe that one should only talk about things that one knows from personal experience. We manage subject:RESOUL based on trust and with the goal to be a laboratory for next generation collaboration. 

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who we are

Read more about our purpose and our principles, and meet our team.