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Förster und Netzwerk becomes subject:RESOUL


Since we founded Förster und Netzwerk in 2011 we followed our goal with lots of passion, fun and quite some success: To develop and embed leadership quality in organisations.

We too continue to develop our understanding of leadership and organisations. That led us to expand our focus and to give ourselves a new name:


With it we say out loud what we implicitly already did for years: We bring soul into organisations.
For we observe that traditional principles of management do not have sufficient answers to many of our client's challenges. In the future, organisations will have to develop their own concepts of leadership and collaboration in order to stay competitive. Concepts, that enable effective collaboration between all members of the organisation, so that they can contribute to their full potential.

Implementation of such concepts cannot be done in a purely technocratic way. These approaches will only succeed if every member of the organisation fully embraces collaboration, if the organisational structures support them in doing so and if everyone shares a common purpose.
But when they succeed, work becomes meaningful and the organisation becomes successful.
When they succeed, you can feel soul in the organisation.

We support you and your organisation on your way there.

We thankfully say goodbye to “Förster und Netzwerk”!
And we are excited to tell you more about subject:RESOUL and to get underway together!

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