our way of working

In order to make a difference


We believe that one should only talk about things that one knows from personal experience. We manage subject:RESOUL – and before that Förster und Netzwerk – since 2011 based on trust and with the aim to be a laboratory for next generation collaboration.


Our own setup

  • We follow a clear, meaningful purpose.
  • We manage our company together and embedded the shared responsibility into the legal structure.
  • We experiment with alternative organisational structures. At the moment we manage ourselves using an adaption of Sociocracy.
  • We use agile methods like Kanban and Scrum as working standards.
  • We discuss income and salary transparently together.
  • We do not control working time.
  • We jointly define our consulting capacity at the beginning of the year, considerate of individual needs. There are no targets.


We closely discuss your request with you and take the time to examine it from different angles. Together we develop a “map” of your challenge and clarify our mutual expectations of a successful consulting process.

We use our sound systemic practices to develop hypotheses regarding your question and possible solutions in the areas of purpose, leadership and collaboration, structures and processes. When implementing new practices we use our proven set of interventions, depending on the question at hand: Moderating workshops, individual or team coaching or training sessions.


who we are

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